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The impact of technology on the eSports industry is very important in this period. Many eSports communities try to revolutionize the international scene. However, they focus on a less profitable niche for them or partners, giving players a free “playground” to spend their free time.
DPLAY.GG intends to become the main focus of eSports competitions in the coming months, competitions where only the best winners can monetize their abilities in the games: Dota2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends and Players Unknown Battleground and more.
DPLAY has already made significant progress over the past 2 years in the eSports field by organizing a series of events attended by more than 6.000 players in the Beta stage.

Our past events & tournaments partners


Tournaments are the most impressive events in the eSports world. In 2017, the prices for the major events were $120M 

Top 5 major events in 2017

  • Dota2: $ 38,023,275.20 in 150 tournaments
  • Counter-Strike GO: $ 19,242,958.44 in 893 tournaments
  • League of Legends: $ 12,020,699.70 in 140 tournaments
  • Heroes of the Storm: $ 4,783,332.54 in 31 tournaments
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: $ 4,027,894.95 in 72 tournaments

DPLAY eSports tournaments are Blockchain based ecosystem that brings automation into organizing our events.

  • For players of all levels, there is a unique opportunity to monetize their experience in a decentralized currency like DPLAY Token (DPX).

  • For brands, it offers an eSports target audience and they can place advertisements and promotional materials with their brand.


Beginning, September 2016 - COMPLETED

Team selection
Develop beta esports platform
First Project Concepts

Launching D-PLAY eSports

First Half of 2017 - COMPLETED

Create first events
Dota 2 events – Online 15
Partnership with eMAG.ro
New Team Recruits

Events Counting

Second Half of 2017 - COMPLETED

Partnership with Asus ROG Romania
Dota2 Streaming Team at ROG Masters Open Qualifier


1st Quarter 2018 - IN PROGRESS

Start eSports Tournaments
Update eSports Platform
Find PRE ICO contributors


4th Quarter 2018

List DPX on Exchanges
Token Value Growth
eSports offline tournament 500.000DPXs Prize
Integration Match Making System


1st Quarter 2019

Integration Advertising System
Streaming Section
Training and coaching
Going Global

Token Sale

3rd Quarter 2018

Launching DPLAY Client (Windows & MacOSx)
Develop DPLAY Wallet
Weekly bonus Tokens for buyers
List DPLAY Token on Exchange


2nd Quarter 2018

50% of PRE ICO founds to Marketing Ads
Update v2 eSports Platform
eSports Tournaments
Weekly bonus Tokens for buyers

Tokens distribution during the open stage

structure and share

   %   Amount
PRE ICO & PRE SALE                                  52%         20.800.000 DPX 
Team 20% 8.000.000 DPX
eSports events 15% 6.000.000 DPX
Advisers 5% 2.000.000 DPX
Bounty & Referals 5% 2.000.000 DPX
Project ecosystem 3% 1.200.000 DPX
TOTAL 100% 40.000.000 DPX
  • Soft cap: 2 500 ETH

  • Hard cap: 10 000 ETH


PRE ICO  1st week              16 April - 22 April $0.04 30%
PRE ICO  2nd week          23 April - 29 April $0.05 25%
PRE ICO  3rd week              30 April - 6 May $0.06 20%
TOKEN SALE 1st week        7 May - 13 May $0.07 15%
TOKEN SALE 2nd week     14 May - 20 May $0.08 10%
TOKEN SALE 3rd week      21 May - 27 May $0.09 5%
TOKEN SALE 4th week      28 May - 4 June $0.1 3%

Advisory Board


Benjamin Föckersperger

Co-Founder @ eSports.com | Entrepreneur | Crypto Investor & Advisor


Paolo Nardozza

Company Consultant | Crypto Investor & Business Advisor


Cristian Niculae

CEO & Developer

Mihai Chira

Dota2 Coach

Rares Stefan

Dota 2 Event Manager

Andrei Dragne

LoL Events Manager

Radu Dumitrache

Dota2 Caster

Diana Alifanti

PR Officer

Timmy Popescu

Dota2 Caster

Participate now at PRE ICO and earn 30% bonus DPX.

This PRE ICO Stage ends in:




Most important, at least 25% of all advertising profits will be used to buyout tokens available on cryptocurrency exchanges. We will then burn at least 50% of bought out tokens, removing them off the market and further stimulating DPX value growth. This combination of factors will ensure a powerful incentive for DPX exchange rate increase.

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